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Views That Make My Heart Ache...

My newest album features twelve original songs, all recorded in my bedroom. Based on the past few years of my life, these songs reflect on the many new experiences I have faced, and how my heart and mind has processed it all. Somehow, I made it through and was able to share the journey through song. To whoever listens, thank you for letting me bare my soul to you. I hope and pray that you can relate, and somehow, be encouraged to keep on going. -Liz



Views That Make My Heart Ache

by Liz Navarro



Raised in one of the loveliest suburban regions of Texas: Magnolia, Texas, Liz Navarro grew up around music and began  taking music lessons at an early age. She progressed as she performed at churches and for families until she attended school for music. With a formal music education, Liz was asked to lead music for her local Houston congregation. After her leadership experience and first production release, Liz now writes and performs her heartfelt ballads delicately wrapped with tragedy and hope all around North Texas, and as of November 2016, Malibu, California. 



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